We are Carpet Cleaning Professionals
Rates As Low as $0.23 Per Square Foot for Carpet

Annual, Semi-Annual & Quarterly Contracts Available

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We clean with a revolutionary process that cleans deeper, more efficiently, and with greater power than other well known "steamers."

You will love it and your wallet will love us!

You pay a variable room rate. That is, we measure the entire room, then we multiply by the square footage rate. That way you do not overpay for "average" square footage that most carpet cleaning companies use which leads to overcharges and you paying too much for your cleaning. Why do we do it that way? Well, the simple answer is that when carpet cleaning companies charge by the room then they figure all rooms are on the larger end of the scale and if your rooms is smaller, then you have been overcharged. WE HATE OVERCHARGES!

Red stains and pet stains and heavily soiled carpet may require additional charges but we will discuss those with you before we start!
We specialize in medical office carpet cleaning!
How we get your carpets so clean!

Hot water extraction is the best method of getting the deep down dirt. Our steam cleaning process gets your carpets really clean.

We inspect your carpets and recommend services that will get your carpets clean. We then use a 7 step process to clean your carpets thoroughly.

     Step 1     Thorough Inspection

     Step 2    
Vacuum and Prespray

     Step 3     
Spot and  Stain Prep / Removal

     Step 4     

     Step 5     Hot Water Extraction

     Step 6      Touch up

     Step 7      Final Inspection

Our process takes more time! If you are used to the guys that rush in and see how fast they can get in and out of your home or business, then you will need to allow more time for us to clean your carpet so that we can get it SunBreeze Clean!
"Sometimes, you do more
than  walk on your carpet!"
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Serving Wnston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point & Surrounding Areas
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How Much Does First Class Carpet Cleaning Cost?
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