Why you should choose SunBreeze!
1. Attention to detail!
SunBreeze takes the extra time it takes to do a quality job. Quality only costs a little more.
We seek to give you the highest quality cleaning you can get.

2. We never used tanked water!

What does that mean? Many carpet cleaning companies used on-truck tanks to bring the water into your home for the cleaning. The reason we DO NOT used tanked water is for your safety and for overall cleanliness. If you can't drink it, do you really want it being spread on your floor?

Tanks begin to grow bacteria and algae within 24 hours of getting wet for the first time. After a few years you can only imagine the gunk that has built up in the other company's tanks.
3. Where does SunBreeze get its water then?
SunBreeze hooks up to the water from your home. The very water you drink. That is the cleanest supply of water one can get! We feel that you deserve the cleanest water supply to get your carpet as clean as it possibly can be. 

3. How much water do you use to clean the carpet?

We use the least amount of water necessary to get your carpet as clean as we possibly can. In most cases we use less water than what you would use to fill a bathtub. Extremely dirty carpet may use more water. We have a variety of machines that use varying amounts of water.

4. Do you bring hoses into our home?

      As we mentioned in the previous question, we have a variety of machines. We have a machine that will clean your carpet. We have both portable and truck-mounted equipment. If you have pets or children that you want to keep inside while we work, then we can use portable equipment. With portable equipment the hoses are all contained within you home. We then pump the yucky stuff to your toilet where it is properly disposed of. If you choose to have us use our truck-mounted equipment, there will be two hoses that we run into your home. For that reason, if it is raining, we may need to reschedule your cleaning.

5. Can you provide references?

     Absolutely! We have never had a customer complain about our work. In fact, most of our work comes by word of mouth advertising! We run one Yellow Pages ad in the Kernersville Yellow Pages which will be removed from publication in August of 2013 due to the volume of work we receive from referrals from our customers. We have a lengthy list of people you can call and ask them about our service. If you don't mind, we will ask you if we can add you to our list. You do not have to agree to it, but it does help us keep our costs under control when we don't have to advertise to get new customers.

6. How much do you charge?

      We charge by the square foot. We do that to save you money. Companies that charge by the room or area have to charge on an average. If your room is larger than average you are charged for an additional area. It is a tricky way to get you to pay more. SunBreeze NEVER CHARGES BY THE AREA OR ROOM!!  We charge by the square foot so that you only pay for what we clean!! We have been cleaning carpet for a long time and we know how much we need to charge by the square foot to give you a high quality job! Our rates start at $0.32 per square foot and go up from there. The services you choose and the condition of the carpet can raise the price, but you are always in control of what services you choose!

7. What do you charge more for?

We charge extra for the following services:
                        1. Rotovac service (Rotovac is a machine that is designed for restoration of carpet.)
                        2. Heavily soiled and stained carpet
                        3. Pet stains
                        4. Stubborn stains that require more than typical cleaning methods.
                        5. Additional services
                                       A.  Drying fans placement
                                       B.  Carpet stain protector application
                                       C.  Emergency Service
                        6. Moving furniture. (light furniture that one person can easily move is included in our price.)

8. Can you clean under our bed and other furniture?

Yes, we can, however, there are additional charges for moving of each piece of furniture. In some cases we may have to disassemble and reassemble your bed. To avoid charges for this, it is recommended that you disassemble and reassemble your beds you wish to have us clean under. Beds that have been sitting in one spot for long periods of time tend to sink into the carpet and are difficult to move which requires the bed to be disassembled so that it can be moved without damage to the bed.

9. Can you get all stains out of my carpet?

          The simple answer is no!  Some stains are permanent. It helps if you can tell us what the material is which caused the stain. Cleaning carpet is actually a chemical process and if you can tell us what the stain is, we know which stain remover to use to have the best chance of getting the stain out or reducing the stain. Some chemicals that cause stains can become permanent as they age, we do not guarantee that all stains will come out. We will try several methods of stain removal before we determine the stain to be permanent. We have often been successful where other carpet cleaners have failed but can not promise, nor do we guarantee, that all stains can be removed.